Basement Waterproofing in Etobicoke

If you are experiencing issues with dampness or leaks in your foundation or basement, it is important to address the problem as soon as possible to prevent potential damage to your property's structural integrity and your own well-being.
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Exterior Waterproofing in Etobicoke Area

Ensuring the longevity and safety of your property in Etobicoke means protecting it from the potential risks of floods, mold, and dampness. Whether you are taking preventative measures or already dealing with these issues, our exterior waterproofing services can offer a reliable solution.

We pride ourselves on using the latest top-notch materials and techniques to provide comprehensive waterproofing for your property’s exterior, from the ground level to the foundation footing. Our team of experts is familiar with the specific needs of properties in Etobicoke, and we can provide customized solutions that meet your unique needs.

Our excavation process goes deep down to the weeping tile pipe, where we install a robust solution that effectively prevents water from coming into contact with your foundation walls. You can trust our team to safeguard your property against the damaging effects of water.

With our expert exterior waterproofing services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property in Etobicoke is protected from the risks of water damage. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you protect your property in Etobicoke.

Advantages of Waterproofing in Etobicoke Area:


Prevents water damage: Exterior waterproofing prevents water from infiltrating your property’s foundation, protecting it from water damage and increasing its lifespan.

Improved indoor air quality: By preventing water infiltration, exterior waterproofing also helps to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which can improve the indoor air quality of your property and reduce the risk of health problems.

Increased property value: Waterproofing your property’s exterior can increase its resale value by providing potential buyers with peace of mind that the property is well-protected against water damage.

Cost-effective: Exterior waterproofing is a cost-effective long-term solution that can save you money on potential repairs and maintenance down the line.

Enhanced structural integrity: By preventing water from infiltrating your foundation, exterior waterproofing can enhance the structural integrity of your property, ensuring that it remains safe and stable for years to come.

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Process of Waterproofing in Etobicoke

Backfilling and grading:

After the installation of the membrane and drainage system, the contractor will proceed to backfill the soil and grade the property to ensure effective drainage away from the foundation. This process involves carefully leveling the soil to prevent water from pooling near the foundation and directing it towards a suitable drainage system. With proper grading, water can be directed away from the foundation, reducing the risk of water damage and foundation issues. 

Site assessment:

Our professional exterior waterproofing contractors in Etobicoke inspect your property’s exterior for water damage and suggest the best waterproofing solution. We identify any drainage issues, recommend the most effective solution, and work with you to ensure your property is protected from water damage.


To access the exterior walls of your property’s foundation, the contractor will excavate the soil around it.

Cleaning and repair:

After excavating the soil, the contractor will clean any debris from the walls and repair any visible cracks or damage in the foundation walls.

Installation of waterproof membrane:

To prevent water infiltration, a waterproof membrane Etobicoke will be applied to the exterior walls of the foundation, creating a barrier that stops water from seeping into the foundation.

Installation of drainage system:

To effectively manage water flow, a drainage system, usually in the form of a weeping tile, will be installed at the base of the foundation. This system collects water and redirects it away from the property, preventing it from infiltrating the foundation.

Backfilling and grading:

Once the installation of the membrane and drainage system is complete, the contractor will refill the excavated soil and grade the property to facilitate appropriate water drainage away from the foundation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Signs that you may need exterior waterproofing include dampness or musty odors in your basement, cracks in the foundation walls, or visible water damage.

The duration of exterior waterproofing is determined by the size of the property and the extent of work required. Generally, the process takes a few days to a couple of weeks to complete.

The cost of exterior waterproofing in Etobicoke is dependent on several factors, including the size of the property, the level of damage, and the type of waterproofing solution used. To determine the accurate cost, it’s best to request a free quote from us as a professional waterproofing contractor in Toronto.